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Laser Key Products 3D ELITE Key Cutting Machine

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In stock

Fully enclosed electronic key cutting machine for containment of debris and for safety
Chip drawer for easy clean up and containment of shavings
New improved Rotary Jaws for clamping keys now with built-in tip/shoulder stops
Indicator lights for power, machine status and connectivity also illuminated power button
Light on workspace with USB stick that illuminates work area

DC brushless motors with 3 axis controller for more speed, control and accuracy on cutting of keys and improving cutter life
Adjustments of speeds/feeds for different key hardness
Software enhancements with automatic updates and easy start/restart and new diagnostic capabilities to help technical support
Multiple power sources available with direct 12v power option that will eliminate need for an inverter at additional cost of $300
WiFi connections to make electronic key cutting machine communicate wireless
Lighter weight at 40 lbs. with built-in handles for easy carrying and simple to install bolt down kit for vehicle
External power supply
Usage of optical and proximity sensors for increased precision and safety
New direct drive system on high security motor eliminating belt and other parts for better operation
New quick change/removal on Jaws
3 Axis Electronic Key Cutting Machine
New Updated Genericode software.
Tablet included
Made in the USA
Note: If using mobile, it is very important to use the bolt down kit (LKP2004) or warranty for the Laser Key Products 3d Elite could be affected.

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