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Silca Ilco Bravo III Semi Automatic Key Machine With Ez Jaw


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Bravo II with Ez-Jaw Key Machine by Kaba Ilco

The Bravo III is a high precision, heavy duty semi-automatic key machine designed for ultra reliability and ease of use. Lever operated, the Bravo III now features EZ-Jaw four-position vise jaws, offering exceptional key gripping ability. They can be quickly rotated from one clamping position to the next without lifting first, and accommodate most residential, commercial, and automotive keys without needing an adapter.

The Bravo III key machine is provided with the CU50A cutter and a corresponding cutter guide. The durable cobalt steel cutter ensures a smooth, clean, accurate cut. The Bravo III is designed to duplicate common cylinder and automotive key blanks as well as Titan® and older GM® with 90 degree first cut bitting characteristics.

Features and Benefits:

– Wide spacing between vise jaws accommodates new longer keys and large headed keys.
– Versatile four-position EZ-Jaw® vise jaws securely grip virtually all residential, commercial, and automotive keys… including double-sided types, without requiring adapters. Designed with the user in mind, they are rotatable from one position to another without lifting first.
– Carriage is spring loaded, provides consistent cutting pressure, and reduces potential for miscuts.
– Automatic cutter start feature controlled by micro-switch is activated by raising or lowering the carriage.
– Precise adjustments. A tracer point with micrometer dial regulation makes it quick and easy to adjust depth of cut; simple to replace when worn.
– Carriage release button can only be activated when the key gauges are in the down position, preventing potential cutter contact.
– Two carriage shafts ensure sensitivity and precision in the cutting movement.
– Features a “soft-touch” deburring nylon brush.
– Once opened, Key Machines are Not Returnable. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Specification Data:

Motor: 110V standard; 1/4 hp capacitor start.
Vise Jaws: EZ-Jaw™.
Cutter: CU50A milling cutter, flat left side, cobalt steel.
Brush: D925102ZR.
Dimensions: 15″ W x 20″ D x 10″ H (38cm x 51cm x 25cm).

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